Greenfield Military Band
A community band serving Western Massachusetts since 1904
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Members Welcome

Band members come from Greenfield and neighboring communities as well as neighboring states. This is a community band; all are welcome. There are no dues, but perfoming members are encouraged to purchase and wear the Greenfield Military Band polo shirt.

Contact Director Al Benjamin if you wish to join.

Members (Partial List)
Adan, Timothy

Allis, Paul

Bamford, Melissa

Bannister, Jerri

Barten, Al (Webmaster)

Benjamin, Al (Director)

Benjamin, Bonnie

Bohannon, Laurana

Bremner, Molly

Broll, Stephen

Bryant, Charlotte V.

Cadwell, Deborah

Cass, David

Clough, Lauren

Corey, Sue

Danielson, Christopher

Deam, Charlene

Deam, Tom

Dumont, Vicki

Erwin, Marc

Greenfield, Carol D.

Gould, Harold

Hellman, Andy

Hochhalter, Jeff

Karan, Matt (Asst. Webmaster)

Karan, Rachel

Keech, Ellen D.

Kopec, Stanley J. (Director Emeritus)

Lakin, Bill

Marsh, Jodi

Miller, Dave

Otten, Eva

Patten, Jim

Picard, Marty

Plasse, Cayla

Ploof, Tim

Scoville, Mary G. (Treasurer)

Sharbaugh, Harry

Sharbaugh, Sue

Shauger, Susan

Smith, Kevin J.

Tandy, Amy

Tandy, Dana

Tandy, Dick

Tandy, Elise

Thompson, Eddie (recently deceased)

Tognolatti, Claire (recently deceased)

Tolman, Dana

Turner, Faythe

Wallace, Sean

Warder, Liz

Willis, Melissa

Winters, Steven

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